Thursday, August 5, 2010

New McNeil Blog Site

Blogosphere Update: Why I switched to WordPress

This switch is mostly about protecting our livelihoods as creative people. Today I went public with my new blog site. Please add this new address as my blog site:

It was made by our friends at liveBooks and as usual, they did a spectacular job. I really love how it mirrors my website with the basic design elements so that it's more obviously linked to my main website.

My number one reason for changing from google's Blogspot to WordPress is that google claims ownership of your blog content. There is something fundamentally wrong with this, and I've been meaning to make the switch for a couple of years but just never got around to it. Blogspot has a lot of excellent features, but so does WordPress, and the latter is not heavy-handed with any claims of owning your content. I made a point of copyrighting all of my written materials on Blogger, and especially any images. Hey, we're artists right? We need to protect our livelihoods along the way.

Blogspot was really great and I liked just about all of their features, including being able to customize templates and generally being able to set up the page to how you want it to look.

At any rate, please add the above new link!




indiginz said...

Kia ora Larry, hope you are well. I am going to follow your steps out of google blogger too. It bugs the hell out of me that someone else owns what I write. So much for freedom of speech.
I'm actually writing because I am coming over to All Roads after all. I will be presenting some of Merata Mita's films at the festival. Really excited about that. Merata, a rangatira (chief), an inspirational mentor and dear friend passed away earlier this year.Her legacy is phenomenal. I have been kaitiaki (caretaker) of her films here at the Film Archive for the past 10 years and we also have been working on making my feature film (shooting in March 2011) for almost as long. I guess this her thank you to me (-:
Hope to see you there brother.



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