Thursday, December 28, 2006

First Entry, All Roads Photographers

I was brought to this site from my own new one that was won from the National Geographic "All Roads" Photography Award. The All Roads program is designed to bring 4 Indigenous Photographers from around the world together and share their work with the rest of the world. Here is Saiful Huq, from Bangladesh.

National Geographic awarded us lots of very, very cool items, including a website from one of their sponsors, Andy Patrick from LiveBooks. Manfrotto was also a very generous sponsor.

The other 3 photographers are Newsha Tavakolian from Iran for her "Women in the Axis of Evil" series; Saiful Huq for his "Stolen Dreams:The Story of the Abandoned Victims of Political Violence" series; Sandra Sebastián Pedro from Guatemala for her "Inherited Violence" series, and my own "Fly by Night Mythology" series. We are all visual storytellers who use photography as our medium of expression. I am truely humbled to be in the company of these young, most excellent and kind photographers.

More later, this is just a breif first entry.

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Larry McNeil said...

I didn't have time to write much in the first post, so here is an expanded version. One of the really amazing things that happened with the All Roads events was simply meeting the other 3 photographers. The commonlaity among the other 3 is that they are all very down-to earth, no monster egos here, just hard working, very gifted photogrraphers with a conscience.

I think I can say that we see the awful things that people do to each other and express it with our photographs. It is not gratuitous though, there is someting potentially redeeming about showing the bad things that go on in all parts of the world, America included. If a person can talk about the bad things, it forces people to acknowledge that they are happening and it should stop and healing should happen. Just acknowledging that specific things are happening is the huge critical first step in advocating for positive change.

Newsha, Saiful and Sandra did all of the above with their photography, and at great risk to their own safety. Their work is about what is great about humanity, that we are able to raise ourselves above the fray and do our own part to make it stop, sometimes at great personal cost. This is what is so amazing about what photography is capable of doing.

Please go to the below National Geographic All Roads link to see the work, and click on their bio information. You will be amazed.

Anonymous said...

Larry you ar ethe best and I hope to know you well into our old age:) I love having you be in my exchanges and you are an ispiration to so many of us out here in indun land ayyyyy....... yazzie, melanie