Wednesday, July 11, 2007

In the True Spirit of White Man, or Sacred Power Poles

En Foco just published a profile on you know who in their recent journal "Nueva Luz." I am in good company with Sama Alshaibi. The essay was written by Hannah Frieser, Director of Light Work, from Syracuse, NY.

I haven't seen it yet, but can pick up the positive vibes all the way out here in Idaho. The past couple of months have been a blur and I just realized that it's sometime in July. Dang. I kind of recall them asking for images and doing an interview over the phone while I was in a bit of a surreal state from a night flight from New York, which may make for interesting reading. Nothing like a punch-drunk clarity for talking about art, I always say. It may be kind of like interviewing somone still a bit woozy from hauling in halibut gear in a 48 hour day. Up in Alaska we have seriously long days, not for the lightweights. Oops, this was about photography right? Sorry. I guess you'll just have to get the journal, because I don't remember what I talked about. Except something about scared power poles. Umm, like Sigmund said, sometimes a pole is just a pole. And black birds. You've got to see those sacred poles though. They can definitley change your life.

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