Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New McNeil Aspiring Photographer

My 12-year old has been learning a bit of photography for a couple of years now. I let him use one of my cameras for the 3 weeks when we were in Egypt in 2005. He took it almost everywhere we went and had fun with it, making some really nice photos.

(As a side note, my dad who was a professional commercial fisherman his entire life, noticed with a knowing smile that my boy has big hands, which = potential fisherman, like thousands of generations of our people of the Northwest Coast)

Just recently, the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis mentioned that they need a portrait of me for their website, so I asked my son if he'd make a portrait of me when we were in California this summer. He made the below portrait-- look for it on the Eiteljorg site. We gave him a more serious digital camera for his birthday this year, since he was showing a flair for it.

I asked him to write something here:
"I love photography, and have taken a liking to it. I took another portrait back in the day for Dada for the National Geographic All roads Film & Photography festival. They used my photo for lots of their things, including their online stuff. I love photography and think dada owes me $$$ for the portraits of him. He paid me a measly $31.00 for the newest portrait and i deserve more! strike the man down dudes!!!!!"

As you can see, we don't have to worry about him being shy about asking for being paid for his photographic services. If you need any nice portraits done, you know who to call. Just have your checkbook ready.

(You can see his other portrait if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click the "Larry McNeil All Roads Bio" link).

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