Friday, July 4, 2008

Indigenous Photographer's Network

There is a new Indigenous Photographer's Network set up by Natalie Robertson, a really great Maori photographer. I placed a link over in the left column for any indigenous photographer to join. The description for the site was quite simple and open ended: A network for Indigenous photographers to share images and videos and to rant and rave on all things photographic and indigenous.

As of today there are 15 members from around the world. I hope that we get more members signed up, especially from the international community. I think it has the potential to transform into something substantial if the indigenous photographers participate. It seems that we have a steady line of challenges that we have in common as photographers, and to share our solutions may make our tasks as photographers easier. Maybe? We'll see I guess.

I posted an entry about what I've been up to with my photography since the start of summer. Here's to making new photographs!

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Anonymous said...

Tena koe Larry, thanks for blogging on our network - this is a great chance for us to get a real sense of who is passionate about the medium of photography in indigenous communities and to build collective strength with the issues particular to our practices.

Btw, my website is so outdated, it is now an antique in the world of the internet. Having said that, the essay on my last major work is at

Looking forward to seeing more people join the network!