Friday, September 26, 2008

Pasatiempo Santa Fe New Mexican Interview w/McNeil

Paul Weidman at Pasatiempo (the arts magazine from the Santa Fe New Mexican) did an interview with me when I was in Santa Fe last month. I had some work showing at the Andrew Smith Gallery and kind of blew through town to help judge the print category at Indian Market for SWAIA. It was great fun, and very cool to have one of my favorite images on the cover of their art magazine for Indian Market. SWAIA and Andrew Smith lobbied to put more emphasis on Photography as a medium unto itself as a print category. They invited Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie and myself as judges to add a bit more significance to their endeavor.

He titled the intverview, "Hi-yo, gelatin silver, away!" I suspected it would be cool when I saw the clever title. Nice. Check it out and see what the All-American bird really is. Paul was pretty good in the sense that he asked some very insightful questions about not only my own art, but art in general; more specifically, Art Photography.

Every art historian worth their weight in books knows that New Mexico has a very special place in the history of photography, starting almost from the inception of photography. Since I earned my Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography right down the road in Albuquerque, I feel like I paid my dues to be a part of that history in a small way, but a participant nonetheless. At any rate, it is a place that honors photography, so I've always felt very at home there with lots of kindred spirits, and it was pretty cool to talk about things like film and whether it is still relevant with photography. Put an emphatic YES! here.

I usually don't care for how various publications crop my art, but this version was nicely done. The image is titled, "Rez Net 3076-2" and is described more in detail on my art website. It was made as part of a print exchange organized by Melanie Yazzie, titled appropriately enough, "Pocahontas meets Hello Kitty."

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Larry McNeil is a passion photographer... great work....i like you,your work...


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