Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jeff Curto, Photographer, Scholar & Cool History of Photography Podcasts

I met Jeff Curto at the PhotoPlus Expo in New York recently. This is the fun part of these Photo Conferences and Expo events. Many of them are really a bit overwhelming and it's nice to find great people amongst what is sometimes information overload.

Jeff is a Professor of Photography and also teaches The History of Photography at the College of DuPage in Illinois. Check out the above link for some really great large format photography.

His The Italian Portfolio: Evidence of Hands on Stone is quite nice and I hope you take the time to visit his portfolio site.

Jeff was on a panel in New York and he spoke about making Podcasts for students who missed his lectures and how he posted them on the iTunes site. The Podcasts took on a life of their own and now has a sizable audience. I am hoping that my own students will visit his History of Photography Podcasts site, because many of them have not yet had the opportunity to take the class here yet, and they definitely need to be more aware of what other photographers have been doing with their work.
Jeff was interviewed at his own site too, which is worth a listen, because he talks about photography pedagogy, which is great for anyone who is a student of photography, or wants to learn more about the creative process. Hey, that is us, man; we're always wrestling with the creative process.

As if this were not enough, he has yet another site called Jeff Curto's Camera Position Podcasts, where he talks about the creative aspects of photography. The thing that really strikes me about Jeff is how he freely shares all of his knowledge and posts a lot of his resources on how he goes about doing what he does. For an example, just one of his many links had to do with Podcasting resources that he spoke about on his panel at the PhotoPlus Expo. It is easily one of the best single pages for how to make Podcasts that I've seen anywhere. Jeff is really, really good at this stuff.

Here's to you Jeff, and thank you for sharing so much information about photography, including the art aspect, which is likely the most slippery part of learning photography. It is all very inspiring and I find myself listening to his Podcasts at all three sites.


TammyPatrice said...

Found you thru Santa Fe site. Will be visiting often. May I include you as a link on my blog?

Larry McNeil said...

HI Tammy,

Yes, by all means, include a link to my site, I would be honored.



Aaron Beck said...


I started listening to Jeff's Camera Position podcast a few weeks back. It seems like that conference last year would have been a good experience.

I sure wish I had been less worried about kayaking and having fun in the outer world back when I had a couple classes with you and Laura. I'm still bumbling along in life as people do, trying to figure out how in the world one hones that intangible, superstitious, mystical thing called Vision, or Voice, or as Dan Winters calls it, Sensibility. Oh boy, all those capital letters sure give my little pea-brain much pain. Whatever.

It was fun to find this blog, I'll be checking in from time to time. Life is Grand.