Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cheap Shades Contest (Cyberspace Event)

CHEAP SHADES CONTEST! ENTER NOW! Make a photo of yourself with the cheapest shades you can find at the cheesiest store in town. Winner gets $7.95 --
Start your climb to critical acclaim & fame.

POST YOUR PHOTO on Facebook, and the winner will judged by popular vote. DEADLINE IS APRIL 11th!

This is an online event! The place is right there at your computer, man. Maybe we can bum a Lear Jet from GM to Cairo for some shots...


Since it's a Facebook event, you need to log onto Facebook and navigate to the bottom of their page and click on the "Events" link.

It may have it's own heading; you can click on that link too.



Hey man, find those cheap shades & enter!