Friday, August 10, 2007

Join Us in Santa Fe for New McNeil Art!

As the old traditional Tlingit saying goes, "Well; if you don't want to be there, we will just have to have all the fun without you." In addition to all of the other fun things going on at Indian Market, I have two exhibitions going on simultaneously; new work at the Gary Farmer Gallery and vintage work at the Institute of American Indian Arts Museum.

Included are some hand-made lithographs done as a collaboration with Master Printers from both the Tamarind Art Institute in Albuquerque (from the Arts in Embassies Project described in an earlier post) and the Crow's Shadow Art Institute.

Gary Farmer Gallery, Larry McNeil Art, Reception Friday, August 17th from 2-7pm at their gallery at 131 W. San Francisco St.

Institute of American Indian Arts Museum, Reception Thursday August 16th from 4-7pm at 108 Cathedral Place.

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