Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Traditional Tlingit Koo.eex' or Memorial Cereomony for Uncle Naháan Austin Brown

My family and I are Chilkat Tlingit people of the Dakláweidi, of the Kéet Gooshi Hít- the Killerwhale Fin House in Klukwan, Alaska. On September 1st we’re hosting a Koo.eex’ or Memorial Ceremony for our last matrilineal Uncle, Naháan Austin Brown. Us people of the Kéet Gooshi Hít, friends and relatives have been working exceptionally hard all year to honor Uncle Austin. I made this image as a large print for the ceremony for our special guests, the Ravens, Woodworm Clan, and others. It is a family obligation that we do with happy hearts because Uncle Austin was so well loved in our community… one of his quotes is ‘Well… if they can’t make it, we’ll just have to have all the fun without them…’


Timmy said...

Hi Larry this is Timmy Just checking out your web site to see where the pic of me from Uncle Austin's Party Or can you send a copy to my e-mail address or call me at (907) 442-7675 Ask For Time Eide Sr. I'm here in Kotzebue Until mid april. If you can get ahold of me ASAP. Later.

Larry McNeil said...

Hi Timmy,

I hope that you're home now that it's mid-April. I take it you got your photo ok? Here's to going home! The photo looks pretty cool.
Take care,
Tee Harbor Jackson McNeil