Friday, February 22, 2008

First Nations Conference, Boise State University

You are cordially invited to the 2008 First Nations Conference at Boise State University (BSU) being held on March 20 & 21. The conference is dedicated towards presenting and sharing the information on what it takes to initiate a Native Studies area here at BSU.

It is completely our honor to have Wilma Mankiller as a keynote speaker, along with Lee Marmon, the Laguna Photographer.

In accordance with our theme of "Native Studies at Boise State University: Talking Strategy," we are inviting many indigenous scholars to share their expertise, in conjunction with inviting representatives and members of regional tribes to get their input as to how to serve the educational needs of their members.

We are also hosting the exhibition "Pocahontas Meets Hello Kitty," which is a traveling group exhibition that questions notions of how people generally view indigenous women in history (which was organized by Melanie Yazzie, Professor of Printmaking and artist). There are going to be film screenings (to be announced) and a Powwow organized by the Intertribal Native Council (our indigenous student organization).

Gunalsh'eesh, Thank you,

Larry McNeil
Tlingit Professor & Artist

Please see the previous post regarding a raffle for one of my prints! We hope to see you at the conference.

PS, I would like to thank the organizing committee for helping to make this conference a reality, including community members Deaun Lonebear & Josephine Halfhide; student members Hailey Wilson (President of INC), Krys Lopez and the rest of INC; our Cochair Dr Gretchen Cotrell , Associate Professor of Social Work: Dr. Mike Cutler, Assistant Professor of Counselor Education; John Francis, Associate Professor of Graphic Design (great poster John!); Dr. Marcy Newman, Assistant Professor of American Literature and all of her great volunteer students; Bob McCarl Professor of Sociology; Dr. Virginia Husting, Associate Professor of Sociology and President of the Cultural and Ethnic Diversity Board; Gaylord Walls, Academic Advisor, Gateway Center; The Martin Luther King Human Rights Celebration Committee; the Student Activities Organization; and anyone else that I may have forgotten to list. Thank you one and all, your proactive activism helps make our university a better place.

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