Friday, February 22, 2008

First Nations PowWow Raffle, Exhibition, & First Nations Conference

The Intertribal Native Council (INC), our indigenous student organization at Boise State University (BSU, the coolest initials in all of academia) is raffling one of Larry McNeil's photographs as a fund-raiser for their PowWow. It is the Rez Net 3076-2 photograph, which is valued at $2,500.00.

INC is only selling 100 of the raffle tickets at $20.00 each. The contact person is Hailey Wilson (INC President) at if you want to contact her regarding the purchase of tickets.

The photograph, "Rez Net 3076-2" was originally part of a print exchange organized by Melanie Yazzie, Professor of Printmaking at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The prints from this exchange are going to be in an exhibition titled, "Pocahontas Meets Hello Kitty" at the Student Union Building Gallery from March 19- April 20. The traveling exhibition uses Pocahontas and Hello Kitty as a tactic to engage the public to open their minds as to how they view Native American women in history. Kirsten Furlong, the gallery director of the Visual Arts Center at BSU also has a print in the group exhibition.

All of the events are in support of the fifth First Nations Conference to be held at BSU on March 20 & 21. See the separate posting for the conference, which has Wilma Mankiller and the photographer Lee Marmon as keynotes and presenters such as Greg Cajete, the Director of the Native American Studies area at the University of New Mexico. The theme for the conference has to do with doing the research to start a Native Studies area at BSU.

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