Thursday, November 27, 2008

McNeil Interview by Todd Wemmer @ En Foco New York PhotoExpo

When I was in New York recently, I was on the National Geographic panel for world indigenous photographers with the All Roads Photography program. Afterwards, I met with Miriam Roamais from the photography organization En Foco and she asked if Todd Wemmer could interview me. Todd has a really great site called where it "features audio interviews and field recordings related to photography. I use the term 'related' loosely. I might say that eeryting is about photography. Or photography is about everything..."

It was a fun interview; Todd is obviously very good at bringing forth dialogues with photographers. Todd recorded the interview for a podcast to be found at the En Foco blog site. Just to make it easier, the link to the podcast can be found here.

Todd's interviews are really inspiring. It's cool to hear all the people he's interviewed. Thanks Todd, and here's to you and your recorder (imagine my raised beer glass here).

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