Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stand Magazine, Literary Journal Volume 8(1)

Mick Gidley asked if he could use my photograph Yéil for the cover of Stand Magazine, a literary journal in the UK. Mick and I have a friendly banter going on regarding Edward Curtis. Eddy is clearly one of Mick's heroes, and uh, well, you know how I feel about Curtis. He is a Too'x (That's a very stinky Tlingit cuss word. Ha ha).

Mick is an Emeritus Professor of American Literature & Culture at the University of Leeds. As scholars, we can agree to disagree about Curtis. I was happy to let him use this photograph, for a lot of the same reasons I let Permafrost use another of my photographs for their journal. I do have an affinity for literature, and still like the idea of sharing art for their covers.

Their designer tried to get cute with the art and changed some of it to blue. What the heck? Mick was appropriately horrified and had them change it back to how it was supposed to be and had them print another edition, as I recall. 

The other publication that fucked up (sorry, but this is the most accurate term for it) my art was the Indian Humor catalog from 1995. They got heavy handed with their cropping, and I'd like to take that designer and crop his ass right off the face of this earth. Moron. 

Needless to say, it was a peculiar experience. So much for good will gestures. I'm not soured on publishing, just moronic designers who don't have much between their ears besides earwax. 

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